A little bit about me

I design & build things using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

I’m a Front-End Developer located in Szczecin, Poland. I started as a designer and transitioned in to front-end development. I'm still passionate about design (especially when it comes to visual identity design) but for last 5 years my main focus is developement. I have worked on a multitude of web and print based projects for a range of clients providing Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma) and Development (HTML, CSS, JS & PHP) services. For almost a decade I designed & developed projects with wonderfoul people & clients at Brandoo Now I'm looking for new challenges and I’m open to freelance opportunities or remote position. Feel free to reach out if you have an intresting Idea.


What I do

Logo & Identity // Design Systems // UI & UX // Web Design // Print Design

After work


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